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  1. I am curious about this, since I frequently have tiling and issues with my digital channels (channels 100 on up)....and when I am downloading and uploading large amounts of data, effectively using my connection bandwidth limits, it makes my cable TV picture (digital channels only) worse.....they told me about some sort of "filter" or "booster" to help with this and that it'd be something like $50 but would help me out and stop this......any truth to this? (sorry if this is the wrong thread, but this thread sparked the question based upon the content)....
  2. Just a newbie poking my head in to say that it's awesome to see a community of people willing to help others in whatever way they can....I'll try and hang out as much as possible and being a "Systems Analyst" and "Asst. Network Admin" full time and in during the rest of the time, I am a webhost reseller.....I've got "some" experience to try and help out....I don't necessarily need a title to help out, but will do what I can, where I can......despite me just joining your site yesterday. Ya'll seem like a good bunch!
  3. I think I'll stick with the "basic" until either I *have* to upload faster than 384 up to the blazing 512
  4. Thanks for the replies thus far.....looks like Ohio is not an area to be getting it any time soon..... (and I forgot to mention my location....which is pretty much Dayton, OH -- actually "Englewood", but close enough)....
  5. I recently heard about FIOS, and tested on Verizon's site to see if it was availabe....and sadly, it was not. I currently have Earthlink Cable and am satisfied with it, but FIOS would be sahweet! Is there *ANYONE* in Ohio with FIOS? If so, sound off and let me know where.....I can't wait until it gets close.... Oh, and I just recently found your site/forums...and I *LOVE* SimpleMachine forums....people who use them know quality! So just a "shout out" to the admins/owners/mods of Testmy! Great site!!!!
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