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  1. my ESN = 0a003ed76932 i converted the once being bold... and got 14117170... as followed it should be so i tried to open that on my browser after i change my ip to still i couldnt access my canopy or i did something wrong... help...
  2. HI im new here... and also a new smartbro user... I couldnt access my canopy cause i think its block... my canopy address is, and if i try to open that address on my browser you could see the canopy setting for just a sec and will then move to page load error... also tried in i.e., same thing happens... Tried also those and but it doesnt work... i change my ip to to access the canopy but only for a sec... I havent tried the override plug yet cuz i dont exactly know what on the #2 of the guide... 2. Apply power to the module through the Ethernet cable. RESULT: The module reboots with the default IP address of, password fields blank, and all other configuration values as previously set. i think i need someone that i could talk to directly... on ym perhaps... my ym [email protected]
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