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  1. Well as it happens I have found that it is not vista that is slowing my downloads biut as stated peers!!!! I managed to test my download with a 600 mb file that utorrent use to test my connection,and I downloaded that file in 7 minutes so its all ok Russell
  2. Ah well I have never said I was downloading copywright material ? Ok back to what i said in the very begining my brother uses virgin media 2mb I use the same server but 20mb I tried to download the same tracker as he did he got it in a few hours mine days and days. So I guess if its not vista then maybe the ports utorrent is using ? So how do i know what to change it too the ports i mean. And is utorrent better than bitcomet and azureus I thought lightweight was better maybe I am wrong? Just wish I could get the best out of my 20 Mb connection aybe i shoud just cancel my broadband Russell
  3. Yeah well piracy Mmm yep I guess its illegal but i suspect that majority of people do it. Not like im selling anything on, just want to watch a movie vista my copy is legal lol but i think I might go bck to xp media slow so slow even copying on vista slow what a waste of
  4. Hi new on here so be genlte? Ok heres my my prob regarding torrent downloading I run vista and went to download a film this had 3643 seeds, Im using utorrent at the moment now this was gonna take 6 days to download !! wow I said this is S#!t!!! my brother runs xp and downloaded this in 2 hours and he only recieves 2 Mb from his cable company. Now i use vista and have 20 Mb service but I don't understand why it would take me so long to get this film? Any ideas please Thanks in advance lads Russell
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