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  1. My advice is to be patient. I'm not a geek at this stuff. I've just been a Direc(t)way customer for a long time. There is nothing you can do, unless it's on your end. And who knows what's going on on their end. And it appears that it could be a lot of things. Or it could just be that they've oversold their bandwidth.
  2. Floyd, I could live without broadband except for one thing- Streaming audio. I listen to radio stations of the world. That is primarily what the internet is, for me. And it's impossible without at least twice modem speed. Having said that, I think the reason most of us have Direc(t)way is because we are smart enough/ lucky enough to live in very remote areas of the world. It's worth it, to me. But it can get extremely frustrating when trying to listen to radio, and have it drop out or disconnect. I should probably be ashamed of myself for complaining. Especially since my last place was a big ranch overlooking the world. And I could still get radio. I could still rock and roll in the middle of nowhere. I could write a book on it. And noone would want to hear about it.
  3. Let's start a class action suit. They may not guarantee broadband, but we sure aren't getting it. I'm not sure it would go too far. How would one prove anything, let alone some kind of suffering. I'll say I've suffered. I expected to be able to do certain things for my monthly payments. Most of the time, I have been able to do those things. But it's somewhere around 10% of the time when I can't. I agree, broadband is around 500Kps. That is the speed neccisary to do the things that are advertised. Or implied in their advertisements.
  4. I've had a few of those lately. But some of the upload speeds have been close to 200kps. I was thinking I might have an antenna pointing issue. But then things look fine, most of the time.
  5. Hahaha! Check this out. (Long ago I told a tech that I thought DW had oversold their bandwidth. I felt so guilty, because I wasn't certain of my claim. I'm pretty certain now.) Edit- Actually I have to modify my post. My usual speeds, however slow, are rarely this bad. This forum is like a doctor's office- we come here when things are bad. I never run speed tests when things are going well.
  6. Thank you. Darnit, that's just what I thought. Anything from phone line on up. What a joke. But then, it is a relatively new medium. However, there is a definition for those who are using it in their businesses. I have often joked with the techs by saying that the president of Direcway sure as hell gets broadband all of the time.
  7. Thanks! So then, that's like paying for a gallon of gas, except that the pump can stop anywhere it wants. You may get a gallon, you may get a pint. I think we needed to demand a ceiling on the number of customers that can be serviced by a given satellite. But then it's so complex, that's why they are able to pull this stunt. Actually, broadband has made my life wonderful. I've been able to live on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere, and rock out to music from the university of Massechusetts. Or Burnaby, British Columbia. I've grown accustomed to it. I expect it.
  8. I've been a DW customer for a long time. The first few years were good. Now, about once a year I find the connectivity to be absolutely rotten. A speed test can show anything from moment to moment. I'm surprised that tech support even asks to do a speed test, knowing that. So I did one last night. It came up with a blazing speed of 200kps. The tech said that was a good speed. I said it wasn't even broadband. And I then realized that their definition and mine, were not the same. What is broadband? Is there even a standard definition?
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