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  1. Oh, i was trying the live cd one, and closed out of all that on my Intel E7400, and it seemed to stall out even trying to open more than2 firefox windows. Agian i was running it over the virtual box, so im not sure it that was a big issue.
  2. I have looked around myself at gOS, any thoughts on that one from you guys?
  3. that is a good idea, but im not sure the system that i have W7 on will even do that, hahah. Ill check into that, i hope over the weekend.
  4. Ok that gave me the drivers and stuff, but not the recovery portion that has the windows install files on it to...
  5. Yeah, it has XP on it right now. But i dont think its the one i put on there. I think they had a family member redo it or something.
  6. I will have to check this out real fast. see if it will see it, i must have missed that post thank you Mudmanc4. I will check this out after, I dont have access to the machine until sunday now. I have let a friend borrow it, and he wanted to try vista on it (which is what came with it, i installed one of my many version of xp that i have) So i will update everyone on what did what on sunday more than likely, thank you all.
  7. Awesome idea on the utility stuff. But i still need a program that will see the hidden partition and let me copy it. I have a win98 startup disk, but i need to copy the partition with the recovery info on it first so i have it before i "Fdisk" it.
  8. My main objection at this time is to get to the erecovery partition so that i can reinstall it on the machine. Right now i dont have money for the CD or I would just buy that and get it over with. So i need a program that can see the hidden partition, and then make a backup of it (ISO or RAR) whatever will work.
  9. True i need access to the data on the Erecovery part. Then i could use the DBAN, and that will reinstall the erecovery if im not mistaken.
  10. Thank you for the programs, and thanks for the link. But i do have a legal copy of vista for it, i just need to get to the erecovery part so i can do a clean install. I was hoping not to pay $20 for something that i should already have access to. Thanks again, ill play around and see if i can find it. Brian
  11. now i cant seem to even find the "hidden partition" Any ideas on software for that? Thanks again for all the help everyone.
  12. I think i did do that, but when i went to recovery the info, it wouldnt install cause the version on the system was newer then the recovery one, which i that was odd. Anything else?
  13. I was wondering if there is a way to pull the hidden recovery partition and burn it as an ISO? Have a friend that let some crazy "pc guy" install his own version of xp on his machine. He didnt delete that recovery partition, i was able to find it. But it wont boot into it, and he doesnt have any CDs or DVDs that have anything for the OS. Any help would work. (Also it is an Acer desktop)
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