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  1. The other part of my query was the slow down experienced during starting in the morning. Is this Xplornet slowing me down or is it due to too much traffic on the internet? You are right: I pay for connection to the Internet and not just to the satellite. But what can be done? To cancel does not make sense since there is no other service available in my area. Thanks for the help LMS
  2. Why is it that speed tests with Anikast are always 2 to 3 times faster then speed tests with testmy.net or toast or speedtest ,net ? I usually check when my connection really slows down and it seems to do that starting at about 8:00 am and gets progressively worse until at least midnight. eg Anikast would show 400 kbs yet testmy,net would show less then 100kbs ,At less then 100kps, streaming radio is pretty poor. Its as if communicating with Anikast has nothing to do with the real world and the problem is that Xplornet only accepts these tests as any indication of their performance. I believe that talking to a satellite controlled by Xplornet does not prove too much. It would be nice to get an explanation of this since Xplornet won't. Thanks LMS
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