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  1. HughesNet has responded to my BBB complaint with an offer to give me new equipment. They still do not admit there is a problem, but why would you offer free stuff unless there is. You can read the details on my HughesNet blog/website, along with speed test results. -- guitarjim <snip> Sorry , posting of blogs in that fashion is not allowed. forum rules
  2. That part I know. I should have been more clear with my question. How do you know it's KU or KA and the name of the satellite like Spaceway3. Where did you learn that information. guitarjim hughesnet-internet.com
  3. How do you find out what satellite you are on? guitarjim hugesnet-internet.com
  4. Unfortunately I do live with it, but I shouldn't have to. If this is a problem with HughesNets equipment, such as old satellites that can't handle the bandwidth anymore, why should I live with it. If HughesNet was a reputable company they would fix the problem at their cost instead of telling customers there is something wrong with your equipment and we must send a technician to your house at a base cost of $125.00. I've been reading a lot of stuff about new satellites and HN9000 modems that improve the service. I don't know if this information is correct but, if HughesNet were reputable they would inform their current customers and offer to send out a tech to replace/fix the problem at no charge. After all I have paid them $959.88 per year for the past 3.5 years and will continue to pay them if they fix the problem. It's the customers acceptance of substandard service that allows corporations to get away with this crap. Well I'm not one of those customers. guitarjim hugesnet-internet.com
  5. Speeds the other day were as low as 37Kbps during peak hours. I mean come on! These are non- fapped speeds. When I call tech support, of course they say there is something wrong with my equipment, yet just after midnight the download speeds are an acceptable 1.4Mbps. Somehow my equipment repaired itself. Do you think HughesNet will want to charge me for the repairs? guitarjim hughesnet-internet.com
  6. Unfortunately for me it's HughesNet, dial-up or a T-1. Dial-up is just a bit slower than HughesNet and I am considering returning to it and a T-1 is too expensive, $389.00 per month is the cheapest quote for a T-1 to my house.
  7. Thank you. Reboot/restart is just a bad habit I have from years of troubleshooting end-user systems. Always best to start fresh when trying to figure out a problem you know.
  8. I know you don't work for them, lol. Just a little joke on my part. I am absolutely sure the problem is not with my computer, I have been a computer/network professional for over 20 years and I am very careful about what I load on my systems and what runs in the background. I do appreciate your input though and thank you.
  9. Do you work for HughesNet technical support? That's the same junk they tell me when I call them. As if the speed of my disk drive would affect the HughesNet download/upload speeds, ha! I do restart my HN7000S modem on a regular basis, in fact I would say probably twice a day. I have had HughesNet (formerly Direcway) for almost 4 years.
  10. I am so frustrated with HughesNet that I started a web site to document the terrible download/upload speeds and horrible customer service. I pay for the ProPlus plan which is advertised at 1.6Mbps, my speeds are usually not even close to that. I'd say I average 200Kbps at most times. If anyone reading this has similar problems feel free to visit my site and leave a comment. http://hughesnet-internet.com/ edit spelling
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