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  1. Ok, so i found a new QoS interface on my new router/modem Zyxel P-2602HWT-F3. It is a bit daunting though. Which protocol/service should i set to higest priority, when i want the lowest possible ms on online games? Any other settings worth mentioning?
  2. So, i have a pretty crappy internet connection 864 down 256 up. This connection is more than good enough to play online games ofc. The problem occurs when familiy members use their computers, which is obvious. I therefore installed netlimiter on their computers and limited the speed to about 20% bandwidth both up and down. When they use there computer i STILL get high responce time - 100-200. This normally should be 16-20 ms. Are there any good solution to this problem? I have tried a QoS router, which really didn't work at all. The game im playing only requires a 64kbit connection, and
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