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  1. Looks like we are going to try the EVDO and see what happens with it! We are on the ground floor. I have 1 question: Is there a bandwidth usage limit with it like satellite or is it unlimited? Ah, didn't see that last sentence. We're definitely gonna want unlimited!
  2. It looks like Sprint has coverage out here. I'm not really familiar with EVDO, so can someone explain it? Do I need to have a cellphone in order to use it or do they put some sort of antenna in/on the house?
  3. Not sure about the EVDO coverage, is there a site that can tell me that? And I know maybe 3/4 mile down the road they've had Roadrunner for a few years now. I'll have to call support tomorrow and hopefully they tell me I can get it!
  4. Not sure if this is the place to post it, since I'm a newbie and all! But, for the past.. maybe 4 years, my mom and I have been trying to find a high speed internet provider for us. We live in a rural area in Eastern New York where HSI isn't available. We're on dial-up.. still. We've tried getting Verizon DSL (since their site said "Great news, Verizon DSL is available in your area!"), but turns out we're 1 1/2 miles outside of the CO. We were on Wildblue satellite internet for about a year, but that was horrible. And now, I checked to see if we could get it, and what do you know, the site says it's available, or is it? Would Time Warner be able to tell us over the phone if we're able to get it before ordering it? My mom is stubborn and doesn't want to get it unless it's 100% available. Thanks Eric
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