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  1. My speed is very shit since Christmas. Now I have a new Antenna but the speed is terrible too. My ISP is saying that i have a good reception. Has my ISP make a mistake with his network?? I have a 10 MBit for 54 €/month. Im lucky when everybody can say something about my Problem. On other Computers here at home same Problems. When i connect with Laptop directy to Canopy, there a the same speedproblems Look @ the speedtest. Sorry for my english, im from Germay. Thank you very much. Cu Speedtest.pdf
  2. I have reinstalled Firefox but Speed is the same. With Downloadthemall the speed is very fast. Hmm i don
  3. Hello Forum, this is my first topic here and i hope my english is good (schoolenglish). I have DSL 3000 here in Germany with the Canopy Antenna. http://www.flickr.com/photos/the-ebert-lammertsfehn/ When i use a downloadmanager Flashget then i have the full Internet Speed: When i use Firefox and do the same download or browse in the Internet the speed is very slowly. Since i have changed the speed to 6000 the problem starts. The speed is changing automaticly the browser is very slow. Other computer here have the same problem. I have made two speedtest
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