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  1. Yes, I am 100% sure that is what I am paying for. Also, I just tried tweaking my net, and nothing much has changed except my ping packet loss went from 2% to 0%.
  2. Nice to meet you all =) I've decided to join this forum to get some help with my connection, gain knowledge, then help others hopefully!
  3. Hello, this will be my first post. As said already, I pay shaw for their advertised 100mps speed, yet I do not get those results. Here are my results from 10 minutes ago. I don't understand why I am not getting even 80% of what I pay for. Also, my friend who is wireless tested to be about 3 mps and has about same speed as me, if not faster internet browsing. These are my crappy computer specs. I am aware that my ram is very very low, but I don't think my browsing speed should . I am pretty sure I have no virus' atm and I just scanned and clean my computer of spywares. I just want to know any tips on improving my browing speed and my downloading speed. (eg.my 30mps to 80mps maybe) OS Name Microsoft
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