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  1. Hmmm Would seem that it makes a big difference if the system changes are ACTUALLY made.... Called directv last night which is who we are getting WildBlue through and still had us set for the "Express" package. Will post a test later to see is speed holds up during the day. Lesson learned! If changes don't take effect, CALL AND CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT!
  2. I forgot to ask about a previous post I read.... People were talking about the "Lease" time on the router. Mine is set to "forever" what should the correct setting be? Thanks!
  3. Ok here is D/L and U/L. And I am going to try some other things and call tech support monday morning. I will let yall know.
  4. Here is todays....Looks like we are on "Spotbeam" 35. South eastern missouri, on the bottom map we are covered but oval 124 with a "6" in a black square.... There wasn't anything about "overcrowding" on website. I don't know.... I'm lost....I guess next step is to spend an hour on the phone with tech support....We have gotten some pretty good windstorms maybe my dish needs realigned?
  5. So here is what I have so far..... Running a Belkin Router. No problems with the router though! All PC's in the house can connect. Terribly slow. And this is AFTER we upgraded to the 1Mbps/200kbps today. I have restarted modem and router and to no avail. And due to location it is Wildblue, Hughesnet, or dialup System info: Dell Dimension 1100 2.53Ghz Celeron; 512K RAM; Win XP Pro SP3 Thanks for any help!
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