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  1. I have Wild Blue and the Platinum service. Mu download speed is 128Kbaud. They will never get paid.
  2. I have Platinum WildBlue and I'm at 9,00 ft in the mountains with a clear shot at the sky....My download speed is 128Baud....I have threatened a Class Action Lawsuit and frankly I will NEVER pay Wild Blue for such crappy service. I have been on the web and creating digital content since 1989...I have used Road Runner Time Warner and they are the best. Wild Blue should be shut down.and because they oversell their crappy technology you have and I have monumental problems. Interesting to see how long they will leave their dish on my house after I have switched servers...frankly a telephone dial-up like Net Zero is 10x better.
  3. Yes...I recently joined BBS because I am sick of paying top dollar for Wildblue Internet service and getting the poorest service I have ever had.since 1990 when I was on a 14 baud modem and working in developing a high speed test website for Bill Gates and Time Warner when I lived in Ohio. I have spoken with several of their so called Tech support people, Customer Service people and at point if my speed does not improve by Monday I'm taking their equipment down to my shooting range here in the Colorado mountains and reducing it to a pile of junk then UPS all of it back to their CEO. I am in process of launching a Class Action lawsuit against these crooks. Plus Echostar will be included, they are their watchdogs.. They offer the world and give you zip. If anyone is interested I will collect names and my lawyer will make sure you all get a settlement. I have read their contract back to back, done several speed tests and they are ripping of a vast majority of their consumers. Let me know what you think. Dennis
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