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  1. Thanks everyone for the time zone explanation...guess it is important as to where the server administrator lives...lol.. Probably too big of a software change to consider making so the time stamp on the test reports reflect the local time of the tester...but believe it or not, this creates quite a roaring debate on the satellite forum when discussions about slowdowns during the peak evening hours take place...one or two hours make quite a difference.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a retired Aerospace Systems Test Engineer, NASA and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company. I joined this forum because I live in the boonies where dial-up or satellite are the only options. I have Wildblue Satellite for my ISP. And, as many would suspect, speed tests are a big part of the discussion on the Wildblue World forum. We always direct new customers, and old customers who complain about their internet connection speeds, to come here and perform some tests. I signed up for membership here to also participate in the discussion forums. I looked for a way to specify my time zone so my posts and test results would reflect my local time. It seems there is no way to do that in my profile options. All test results have the MST time, which is one hour earlier than my CST zone. I assume the TMN servers are in the MST zone and use local time for all test results. Is this correct? Is there an option I've missed here that allows members to enter a time zone/daylight savings option like most other forums have. Thanks...
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