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  1.   1    18 ms     7 ms     9 ms  10.

      2    10 ms    10 ms    10 ms  gig2-1.cntnoh2-ybr1.neo.rr.com []

      3    12 ms     8 ms     8 ms  srp12-0.ncntoh1-rtr1.neo.rr.com []

      4     *       13 ms    27 ms  son0-0-2.ncntoh1-rtr0.neo.rr.com []

      5    18 ms    30 ms    20 ms  son3-0-3.mtgmoh1-rtr0.columbus.rr.com []

      6    23 ms    28 ms    21 ms  te-3-2.car1.Cincinnati1.Level3.net []

      7    23 ms    28 ms    41 ms  ae-11-11.car2.Cincinnati1.Level3.net []

      8     *       39 ms     *     ae-2-2.ebr2.Atlanta2.Level3.net []

      9     *        *        *     Request timed out.

    10     *        *        *     Request timed out.

    11    60 ms    56 ms    55 ms  ae-14-55.car4.Dallas1.Level3.net []

    12    59 ms    67 ms    77 ms  THE-PLANET.car4.Dallas1.Level3.net []

    13   138 ms   167 ms    64 ms  te7-2.dsr02.dllstx3.theplanet.com []

    14    54 ms    67 ms    56 ms  vl42.dsr02.dllstx4.theplanet.com []

    15    73 ms   103 ms    64 ms  gi1-0-1.car17.dllstx4.theplanet.com []

    16    54 ms    60 ms    56 ms  55.b3.1243.static.theplanet.com []

    Trace complete.


  2. M64's are OK for overclocking, like you said, the multi is unlocked, although you cant go higher (i dont think) only lower multilier.

    If you want a good overclocker on the cheap, look into a Socket 754 Sempron.

    I have a 1.6ghz sempron stock, running at 2.4 and limited by my damn BIOS (only goes up to 300 fsb) sooo

  3. i second you on the ocz memory, but hyperx is way too pricey for what it can get to

    have you read enoguh about the DFI? The reason you say that is becuase you have never experimented with one (im taking that) and yes, it CAN be picky with ram, thats why I suggested G.Skill its a KNOWN fact taht it works with their motherboards

  4. ok here we go

    as we all know, DFI motherboards are the best when it comes to BIOS options and the best overclocking features out right now.....you can go research if you want, i dotn ahve time as im at work

    the opteron is made for servers, althought if you get a 939 pin one, they are VERY good with overclocking, especially the CABNE version. They have alot of leeway as they are made for servers like i said and can be tweaked and overclocked very easy even on AIR cooling.

    G.Skill ram  specifically PC3200 DDR400 has been proven time and time again to run at ddr600 @2.5-3-3-8 timings....u show me something bestter

    power supply is awesome, you can pick what you want, but you have to have good solid power to overclock and run an SLI system. preferrable on an AMD machine, you need ATLEAST [email protected] RAIL

    anything else you have a question abotu?


    $46.50 AT NEW EGG.........


    you CANNOT beat that deal....i ran 2 PCIe cards on it on SLI w/a sempron that was running at 2.6GHz (1000mhz overclocked) and the 12vrail NEVER goes under 11.85, 3 dvd drives and 3 hard drives.....didnt touch it.....

    if you dont want that

    make sure your 12VRAILS ARE ATLEAST 20A, if you want an x2 3800, AMD recommends NOTHIGN less than 20A on the 12Vrail!!!!

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