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  1. i tried to go into the router via several default IPs. I couldn't get it to let me it. It was still telling me webpage not available. I couldn't even get a login popup to arise. Is there another way in? Or are there other IPs that might work? And as another thought on that suggestion... Would that only block 1 of the 3-4 pcs or all of them??
  2. I checked windows firewall and turned it off. Didn't fix
  3. Here's the Hardware: Comcast Cable Modem Linksys Wireless G Router Dell Laptop running Windows 7 Dell Laptop running Windows XP Dell Desktop running Windows Vista Here's the Problem: The two laptops both connect to the router no problem (wirelessly) The desktop won't with any browser (explorer, and safari both tried) What I've tried: Restarting modem, router, and desktop I've ran both anti-virus and spyware software, and both say everything is fine I've ran the windows diagnostic tools also says it's connected fine. I ran ipconfig in command prompt and
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