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  1. lol its ok if anything really bad happens ill install XP with SP1 instead thanks for all your help really appreciate it great people here
  2. how do you do a restore point? i got my system restore disabled lol
  3. i uninstalled it and thought id try dc++ before installing the update again and it works my computer is having a laugh at me lol but at least dc works now but for how long noone knows cheers!
  4. Yea i tried the update but its still the same and i cant transfer files over msn messenger either it just stops and everything seemed to have gone back when i rebooted
  5. hello again lol i cant believe it my downloads goes back to several bytes per second now for example out of 30 users ill be able to download from one and the listing of users doesnt show the correct amount anymore everything seems to have gone back to the way it was..
  6. w00000t after that update its working now!!!! god im so glad its fixed now thank you soo much and thanks to all of you for replying and helping :D :D
  7. Tried it now but its still the same seems to be a lost cause lol just thank god for bittorrent or i wouldnt be able to download anything good at all
  8. Just with DC i downloaded that file with around 100kbs and i disabled the QoS right when i installed SP2 and limited it to 0 and enabled it and now i uninstalled it and theres no changes.. im really out of solutions
  9. Yea i ran that patch a few days ago and changed it to 100 and ive tried Dc in both passive and active..
  10. Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP spawn:epmap 84.1*.13.15*:3071 ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:epmap 84.1*.1*7.2*5:1816 ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:2068 2*2.23.*3.1*:http ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:2179 2*9.11.*7.2*:http ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:2180 3*.11*.1*5.3*:http ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:1026 localhost:1027 ESTABLISHED TCP spawn:1027 localhost:1026 ESTABLISHED The services i disabled for AVG
  11. Hmm the problem is still there im not sure whats wrong everything worked fine in Xp Sp1 but not anymore now with Xp Sp2... I've installed the new Dc as well but still same problem the problem is only on dc it seems, apart from that the speeds and everything else is fine in the browser and etc, Hmm just tried doing ftp transfers on public ftp's and its very very slow around 1-3kbs but no problems with surfing. i tried ftp in passive as well it gets stuck with listing directories List Complete: 3 KB in 21.83 seconds (0.1 KB/s) finally it's done 21 secs for 3kb? Went to device m
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