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  1. THANKS FOR the help but it didn't work either. I might be complicating the issue.I have a UCC ssl certificate,it has my domain name on it along with www1 and www2 .The cert is installed and everything is running ok, except for the issue of when ssl is on,the blue bar up top in my browser doesn't appear and stay.It only appears and stay when I do www1.domain.com or www2.domain.com .thus my trouble when the site is in normal ssl mode I want it to show up like https://www1.domain.com instead of https://domain.com P.S the blue bar doesnt show when I type the site any other way, e.g https
  2. Thank you for answering.I actually tried that which you gave, but it still did not work.Or maybe it is working and I am not explaining myself.When accessing https, it shows in the browser https://site.com , I want the browser to be changed to https://www1.site.com, I should see it changed in the browser right?
  3. I have http running fine and ssl enabled for managers , the script detects by login credentials,and it works fine. My problem is I want when a manger turns on ssl(the URL is now https://site.com), they get redirected to https://www1.site.com. How can I do this please, in .htaccess ? I searched google extensively, before coming here, and cant find a solution.I dont want it to redirect http: to http://www1. just if ssl is enabled. I also tried RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !^443$ RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L] But it doesnt work.
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