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  1. Thank you for your advice. The avenue to do a d/l test as suggested above did not work. Normal testing on upload is OK and being reported to member stats. Testing on d/l, with Norton enabled can only be done on "flatbed file" basis and, whilst results were given they were not registering within member stats. I have adopted a simple solution ........ disable Norton for the 60 seconds or so that it takes to do the test, normal service is resumed with test results registered, and enable Norton thereafter. Thanks to all those who offered their advice. .
  2. Thanks Max for your advices. Having spent
  3. I have recently up-graded my system to 1Mb broadband and, at the same time, installed Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti Virus packages. Since introduction of the Norton packages I have had increasing difficulty doing the speed tests within the testmy broadband site. Upload tests no problem with the results being posted to my stats file. Download testing, it would appear can be only achieved by using the "flatbed file" and, whilst test speeds are looking good they are not reported to the stats file - "No tests taken" on the days in question. Any advice in this connection would be appreciated.
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