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  1. What modem are you using? I went and bought a new motorolla 5100 series modem. Before I never got about 5 with my new modem I am hitting 8.4
  2. Comcast got you!!! any speed below I think 2MEGS A SECOND sucks and is to low when Comcast is advertising 6 meg in some locations. You need to call them back up and find out why its soo low. Right now I think the blame for the phone not working is Comcast
  3. :twisted: Comcast HAS BIG PROBLEMS!!!! :twisted: Ever since I restarted my modem for the "speed upgrade" my connection has been crappy. One friend about 20 min away says his cable modem just signes him off and he has to restart it. Another one in Alpharetta Ga says his connection sucks also and is slow as grandma. Tonight I did a speed test. At 12 AM I was running about 600 down. WTF they advertised atleast 4 So I called tech support. Ohh restart your modem. I told her I do that every f***ing night and I am tired of doing it. So she said I will ping your modem it will speed it up.??? yea right. So when her great pinging idea didnt work she gave me 2nd level tech suppport. OH belive me I will be calling them tomorrow. eather they need to get my shit fixed Or I will get the [email protected]#$ dish and DSL...
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