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  1. No, it's a Zyxel X-550 that I purchased myself and set up with the provided cable modem. I haven't had any more disruptions and the DNS servers set by Comcast are still set to The cable modem provided by Comcast is a Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR DPC2100. We got it in 2004 when we first set up cable service. No idea what quality of connection this one provides. As far as the DNS hijacking, should we switch to OpenDNS? I've read about it, but haven't tried it, yet. Pros and cons? http://www.opendns.com/
  2. Tonight my Zyxel router lost its connection and then went in and out. I discovered that the secure SSID I created was gone, the admin password was reset to the default and it was sending out the default Zyxel unsecure wireless signal. I also discovered that the primary and secondary DNS servers were changed by Comcast to and respectively. I looked up and found out about DNSSEC and I guess Comcast finally converted us to this without any notification. I had no idea about all this coming at all, so was caught off guard. Would this DNS change cause this sort of disruption to the router? http://blog.comcast....deployment.html
  3. I don't know since I'm not the account holder (shared connection with co-owner of my house) though I should find this out. Well, I just retested and the good times are over: So, it must've been a glitch or one of those "strange 'things' going on" as mentioned...
  4. I am pleasantly surprised to see that I made it to #39 in the fastest upload speed list with this test: . But, I have a lousy download speed: . Why is there such a disparity? I guess my neighborhood is oversubscribed ?
  5. Thanks for the welcome CA3LE! What a coincidence-that's exactly the modem i was looking at! and further down in the reviews there is the ref to your web site. OK, it's confirmed then i will buy this one (when we're ready-right now the co-owner of my house who has the Comcast account is trying to lower the monthly bill.. he threatened to cancel and they offered to lower the bill by $8 each for the internet and tv... big whoop i say). i still need to read up on docsis, etc. i haven't delved into this area of tech much yet. that conspiracy theory is interesting... do you know much about how they control/throttle the modems? yes, i've spent a few thou at the Egg myself. i occasionally build a pc for a friend or myself, or help with a replacement. it's all fun and sometimes a little nerve wracking... how did you get interested in speed testing?
  6. that's a great idea-as soon as i have a few minutes will figure how to set that up. i already know that after dinner time into the late evening is the worst by far... right when i'm on the phone with a client trying to work with them on their web site problems!!
  7. hi everyone! i had no idea what a difference a good internet tester can make. we have comcast cable here and some nights it almost grinds to a halt here in the SF East Bay. speedtest.net always showed pretty fast stats which didn't seem right. i discovered this site from a newegg review of a cable modem. my speed tested here to about 2.5 Mb after testing at 9 Mb at the other site... so which makes more sense, esp since the results here even suggest something may be wrong. i'll be back with a new test when the connection is really grinding to halt again. that should be interesting. i wonder if a new modem might make a difference.
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