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  1. I will be 33 in 8 days. Yeah one of my cousins had a 286SX that I got to play with during the summers.
  2. So, I found your speed test will trying to figure out how I can write my own php speed test. So I figured what the hey lets join another support community and help by providing my computer repair & upgrade knowledge(22 years building, repairing, upgrading -- 3 years Network Administration -- 3 years php, c, html, bash programming). Here is a little more about "WarezWaldo"... I was the typical 80's Army Brat. In the mid 80's I got the nickname "Waldo" from the neighborhood kids. I carried this nickname with me all through school, and then I enlisted, and the nickname that I had hated for years, finally found its purpose. It wasn't until my short time with the US Army that I accepted the nicnkname "Waldo". I then used it in my life as if it was really my first name, and I was a DJ, a Light Tech, I helped make radio commercials, but this was not where my passion was. When I was 12 my dad bought my mom a brand new IBM PS/1 Personal Computer. It had the Intel 386DX Turbo processor and it came with OS2 & my Step brother who was going to ISU at the time was able to get a copy of Windows 3. It was this first computer that had my hooked for life and I have strive to learn as much as I possibly can about computer system hardware. I have recently obtained an A.A.S. in Information Technology/Network Administration with a Linux Focus. If you have a computer hardware question feel free to ask. I will attempt to provide any assistance I can when it comes to programming, I have only recently started to realize that I am gonna have to start programming more if I really want to learn. I would like to provide a little history lesson today as well for those that do not know: The terms warez and hacker have kind of gotten a bad name over the years thanks in part to the mass media. So let's start with the term "Hacker", this was a term given to any person that out of curiosity, need, or just a desire to learn, this person would take things apart and put them back together(if it wasn't destroyed in the process). The were called "Hackers" because they literally would hack at the item, whether that was a typewriter, calculator, a car, a radio, really anything that they could take apart and learn about they would. These first "Hackers" were about learning, it was later that the term "Hacker" became known for those that were breaking into remote computer systems and so on. Now lets get to the term "Warez" there are really 2 parts to this term. There is the first part of the word, which has 2 different meanings, there is "hard-ware" and "soft-ware". Now what most people think of when they hear the term "Warez", most will instantly think of "Stolen Software", and this is only half true. Originally a "Warez" such as softwarez was, yes, a modified version of a licensed software that would allow many people to use the software with having to pay for it, however, you can look at it in another light. There are also "Hardwarez" that's right we can modify, computer hardware as well. These modifications or "Warez" as I like to refer to them are completely custom and it takes "Hacking" the original piece of Hardware and making the needed modification to get the desired result. Most common for of a hardwarez is "Over-Clocking", however, we take that term to the next level...
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