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  1. Hello All! Glad to find you all here! Love the site, its mission, and purpose, entirely. I am Drea,(Andrea if Im in trouble ), Im a *mostly* single mommy to 2 poorly behaved but terribly cute small children, "'Gellica" & "Gordo", 5 & 3, respectively.I am currently at the grips of my new forced provider, Suddenlink, as my previous (NPG) was bought out by them. Although the relationship is still in the 'honeymoon stage', I am already printing out the annulment forms, as I can see its obviously not going to work. *Hehhe!* Saddly, the alternatives in my area are, save for mobile, non existent, so Im stuck . I tinker with electronics on a almost daily basis, mainly computers, & am a small business owner, preferring to do as much as I can electronically. I also make extra $$ repairing/restoring pcs that get brought to me almost daily, as well. Any how, just wanted to introduce myself, not that its of any importance, but regardless. Happy packets!
  2. Your story is troublesome to my ears(or eyes??) Randallmark. I am a regular to many tech related forums, among a few others as well, though I never seem to have the time to post anything nor do I jot down my sentiments as they occur in hopes of returning when time is under less constraints, your post has successfully invoked me into a post.*congratulations!!*Ahhhhhhh....Suddenlink. I have only been a customer for mere weeks, maybe a month and a half, but I can already see we're going to be such good friends. HA! Well, at least their CS department & I. I admit , my bill was inadvertently in arrears, due to lack of observation on my part & lack of billing on the part of my *former* provider, NPG Cable. For 6 months. So my account became an insatiable monster that my current salary was unable to content. NPG was unfortunately bought out by Suddenlink & I was unfortunately, forced into becoming a customer. So they welcomed me to the table with a prebilling disconnect. I call, pay $200 (on a under 300 total) & my services are, 'restored'. For a whole 3 hours. Maybe. But even that was a whole ordeal. The wonderfull CS had to send a ticket to IT because they couldnt unlock my ,modem, that should not have locked in the first place. & I must have been asleep while there signal was up because I never seen any improvement over the throttled (37kpbs!!) insanity that they insist is IS. I have not had a consistent service since they took over & now we have a 'tech' coming tommorrow to look things over. They try to charge me & I'll be going prepaid mobile hot spot so help me. Your post provided me with enough insight to know that this company, as I had suspected, is not worthy of recieving a dime of my hard earned $$. That & the years dtaed major complaints on them to the FCC (I believe?) that ended in formal legal action. Got to love when the big boys come in & take the smaller fish all out with one fail swoop. There is a lack of providers in my area. Its either them or none. DSL is a joke, especially around here, unless you aare a well below moderate user who doesn't download anything ever. Ahh, well. I guess I should end my rant, appologize for consuming anyones time with such nonsense and get to thje restart that windows has been pestering me with for a little over 6 hours. =) Just wish me luck.
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