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  1. Well i appol for what it appears Jack. Had mine a while too but , but maybe not as long as you 10-4 goodbuddy. Ok jack well i think your nic is close to perfect Hehe. Cheers n beers. not stress.
  2. So sorry to disappoint you Cable..... Rarely enogh time to "social network" this end. Too busy fixing networking issues in the mobile data arena. Nup, guess as he not giving me a bad bag then it ok I guess, Ps.. The Vodafone network bitten off more than it can chew here in OZ recently. Your network results would show something similar i'm sure. Smell a precursor to a "Takeover" here. ie:Zero infrastructure expenditure in anticipation of (Takeover). We'll see.. Bloody sidetracked again. later folks.... Bill.
  3. Think you should have chosen an original username mate. suppose immitation is the kindest form of flattery they say. Related Topic: https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/32619-why-someone-choose-username-like-mine-i-am-the-original-jackintheshack/
  4. I dont post but been on this for years. Some people have no ability to be original. How pathetic says I.
  5. from any other continent but the test server is optimistic to say the least!
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