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  1. edit: powercycled the router and modem. everythings working fine now.
  2. in windows, i get an actual download speed of around 600 kbps, but in linux, im only getting around 200 kbps download speed. im using ubuntu 6.06, and while im good with windows, i dont really know much about linux. heres one of my old scores on windows. https://testmy.net/stats/id-POABH9QWM i have my computer set to dual boot, and windows still tests around 600 kbps with no tweaking. what can i do linux to make my connection faster?
  3. just wondering, are there any new tweaks for roadrunner 5mbps? i can only find the 3mbps tweak.
  4. haha. i tested that like 5 days ago i think. i guess i was lucky or something, cuz i usually get around this now
  5. oh it did? hell yeah, i never knew that =] is it still the same price?
  6. i use roadrunner cable. was surpirsed at the score i got this is untweaked. do you think if i tweaked it it would go faster?
  7. wow, i called netgear and i figured out what was wrong. they told me to change the MTU to "1492" instead of 1500 and now all the speeds are back to normal. thanks for all your help guys, and thanks van for your nice tweaks
  8. hey guys, i figured out what was causing my browsing to be so slow - my router. i realized it when i tried to connect with wireless on my laptop and it was even slower. i unplugged my router and now im on directly with no router, and theres no lag when browsing the internet at all. what should i do?
  9. well, i just tried your 2000 and 384 settings and the only thing i noticted was a 50 kb speed drop in the test =( i think that the reason that my browsing is slow is because of this download manager i use, internet download manager. i got it from download.com, and it had 94% positive reviews. the negative reviews stated that it caused major lag and slowdown on your computer and while browsing, so maybe thats the culprit, i uninstalled it and still my computer is slow at browsing, so maybe ill just be better off reformatting my c: and seeing it that helps.
  10. http://ttester.broadbandreports.com/tweak/block:1b4e90c?service=cable&speed=3000&os=winXP&via=normal i only have a router firewall, no software firewall, so i dont know how to fix it so i can be pinged. the test looks good to me, but sadly, its not like that =( oh, i ran speedguide.net's speed optimizer and it seemed to have made my download speed back to normal. i think the main problem now is with the web browsing. i have to try 2-3 times to visit a lot of sites.
  11. netgear mr814 version 3. im using the etherent lan, not the wireless.
  12. oh, and besides from my download speeds being a little bit slower, my browsing is a lot slower. i get many page cannot be found errors and i have to try a few times before i can get into a page. when i was on dsl with a router, my computer never acted like this. can anyone help me?
  13. hey guys. i recently got a router and it made my surfing speed noticeably slower, so i came here to try to tweak my connection. i have cable, and the package is 3000 KBps downstream and 368 KBps upstream. i installed cablenut, and i used vanburen's Cable and DSL 3000 and 384. when i tested my download speed again, after i restarted my computer and powercycled my modem, it was slower than before. however, the upload speed stayed the same as it was before. help me tweak my connection 1. windows xp professional 2. roadrunner cable, 3000 kbs down/368 kbs up 3. cablenut with vanburens cable & dsl 3000 and 384 4. 2826 Kbps on testmy.net
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