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  1. it shows up down at the bottom of the sceen, with the "explorer" square down there..and says "a pop up window has been blocked". When I try to click on that square, or on the sentence, it goes away...unable to click on. (my yahoo bar on top sometimes does that, and I can click on it and hit "allow temporary pop ups from this site"....this one isnt' like that. I think it has something with the service pack II that I tried to install...just can't figure out how to get rid of it....
  2. In the last month or so, I now have this pop up blocker from explorer that I can not seem to get rid of. It won't even let me open attachements on my e-mails! A few months ago I had tried to install the service pack II from explorer, but I don't think my system was set up for it....so I assumed it didn't install. When I google to try to figure out how to get rid of pop up blocker, it keeps sending me to the service pack II. The only instructions I can find is tools>internet options>, then I don't know where to go from there. Any ideas?
  3. thanks for all the help...CHOLLA got my mouse back to working...now he'll start working on my other problem!
  4. Cholla...it's SO hard to get anywhere without the mouse. I checked the back, unplugged, and replugged it back in...but still no mouse. I will try what you said, and let you know....it just takes awhile, since it's all by keys instead of mouse.....
  5. I have no mouse arrow. I went into CP and clicked on mouse...but don't really know what I'm looking for there. I checked to make sure the mouse was clicked in...that was the first thing I checked. I also can not right click on the mouse...the mouse is 100% dead... My other problems can't even be fixed until I get the mouse working...then I'll tell you about the other problems
  6. How do I get the mouse icon back? I have other problems going on besides that, but can't even begin to fix them until I figure out how to get my mouse back!
  7. I only have a couple more days here...I think I will try and take her laptop back home with me, and maybe be able to work on it, while connected to my internet at home. I asked her, and she doesn't have any original disk....it just came "as is". Cholla...I will try to take it apart and look for the RAM thing...I'm not exactly sure how to take a laptop apart...but how hard can it be....????? I'll let you know how I do..thanks so much...
  8. She gave me the spybot disk...but I can't even get it to run...it'll make sounds as if it's trying to load, but then does that shut down/reboot thing. I'm not sure if she has an original disk for the Windows or not...here's the kicker..and I'm sure you'll say "what was she thinking"...she bought it off E-bay for 350.00. Beings that is how she got it...I'm thinking there is no chance of having the original disk....but I'll ask. She bought it off a private party, about 6 months, and is just now getting around to using it. It worked for about a month,then started this. I know, I know...who in their right mind would buy a used computer from E-bay...but I guess she didn't know any better. I'll ask her tonight if she has the disk....
  9. How do you "reformat" the laptop? I thought it was XP...but it's actually Windows 2000 Professional. What it's doing is loading the windows page, the shuts down, reboots, and then freezes while loading the windows page...EVERY time. Cholla....I went into safemode, and did safemode networking, but it doesn't do anything...still shuts down and reboots. She DOES have the disk, so today I will try to load it and uninstall it. In the safe mode, I have tried every option on there, networking, command prompt, last known good configuration, boot normally...all of them do the same thing...shut back down and reboot. How can I get past all that, to get into programs to delete that, or will that automatically pull up when I put that disk back in?
  10. Hi Cholla...nice to hear from you again I can't get anything to work on the safe mode...I've tried all the different options in safemode,and it doesn't do anything. It doesn't give me any type of messages...just starts to load windows, and then shuts down and reboots...no messages. I don't think she has the spybot on a disk, I think she downloaded it from the internet???? Not sure...so she wouldn't have the disk to uninstall it???? I only get on here once in a while since I'm back in Pennsylvania on vacation...but I'll check back tomorrow...thanks....
  11. I'm trying to help my sister fix her Dell laptop... She was downloading spybot to her laptop, and now it's all messed up. It just keeps rebooting. It will only go to the main screen, and then will shut down and reboot. It will just keep doing this over and over. I assume something must have went wrong with her spybot thing, but I can't even get into the programs thing to delete or fix anything. I can get it to go into safemode...but all of those options seem to be doing nothing. It's running XP ...any suggestions...
  12. YOU weren't supposed to answer me Cholla....I was looking for a way to talk ABOUT you...and the wonderful help that you were for me. I guess if there's no way else of doing it...then I'll just have to toot your horn here... for anyone who is interested in hearing...Cholla has spent WEEKS helping me solve my problem....WEEKS and MANY, MANY e-mails. He has the patience of a saint...dealing with all my stupid questions...knowing that I didn't have a CLUE as to what we were doing. I put total trust in him...getting into programs on my computer that I didn't even know exsisted...deleting things, adding things....He fixed a problem that others had told me was UN fixable! FInding this website, and him saved me all the money I was almost ready to spend on a new computer. How do you thank someone for doing all that???? A mere Thank you does not seem to be enough.....I appreciate it more than you will realize.....
  13. I have had someone on here who has gone ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty with help for me. Is there a place on here to list my compliment...or upgrade his "help level"?
  14. As Cholla said, he and I tried this last week. My display adapters only shows 1 device, and we uninstalled that, and let windows reinstall it, we also did the same thing with the monitor. Neither of which helped. I would love to be able to send you a picture of what it looks like...I just don't know how. I guess I'm NOT in the safe mode, because I don't have little windows things in each corner???
  15. How can I get in to check and see if I'm on the "safe mode"? I'm using DSL internet... As you know Cholla, you and I spent a good amount of time on this the other day...trying just about everything. It seems odd that when we go into display adapters, the video card says "working properly", as does the montior. I think somehow...the settings have gotten changed, and it 's just a matter of changing them back..but all the obvious ways aren't changing it. Do keep in mind...it's an E-machines (I can hear all the groans now... )...and they have a shared video card. I think I'm about ready to call E-machines support number, pay the 40.00, or whatever it cost, and see if they can help me...it's their product...maybe they'll know how to fix it????
  16. Wow...I didn't have a chance to get on here over the weekend, and cant' believe how many replies there are! First of....I am a lady, not a man...which may explain why so much of this is greek to me...I spent almost all day on Friday on here with a man who was tons of help, having me try several things, to see if that was the problem, all of which didn't end up anywhere. I've checked all the connctions, and cords, also tried disabling the video card, as well at the montior, and then letting Windows reistall it, but neither of those worked either. I can get INTO display, but it won't let me change any of the settings...it's stuck on 16 bit, 640 x 480 resolution. There used to be a drop down to change that 16 bit, but now 16 bit is my only option. Any ideas????
  17. Ok...I did my computer, properties, divice manager, display adapters, but nothing really happens when I click on that....or do I see anything that says anything about video .....do I need to get into something further?
  18. Ok...here comes the next dumb question. When I go into "my computer"...I don't see anything that says device manger. How can I get into it?
  19. So I just can walk into Best Buy, and tell them I need a Nvidia PCI video card, and they won't need my computer serial numbers, or anything like that?
  20. That website is awesome...I just breezed through it, and saved it in favorites for the "procedure". It seems as though I should be able to do it. Question.....that video card that you suggested...is that something that I can buy at a computer store, or do I need to get it online? How do I know which one will fit in my system?
  21. When I say "it doesn't stay"...after I try to change the colors and settings on "display"...I click on apply...but then it goes right back to the way it was. "flipping out" means not only are the colors all messed up (it's very hard to read this site, because so many things are written in an aqua green color, which is hard to see with my colors being messed up)...anyhow, it also "jumps" a bunch..."pulses"...not sure what word would describe it. I ran my anti virus...but it didn't pick anything up. No, I didn't install any new hardware... I have a question on your comment about the video card being part of the motherboard...does that mean it's not changable? Do I have to buy a whole new computer, or do I just need a new tower? Sorry for all the questions, this is just all Greek to me.....
  22. is that something that I..not knowing a bunch about computers will be able to change?
  23. Hi! I'm new here..and hoping I can get some MUCH needed help! About a week ago, my computer decided to "flip out" on colors. The colors are all messed up, as well as some other problems with size and colors. Anyhow, I have tried EVERYTHING...when I go into display, and try to change the settings, it won't take...it goes right back to being messed up. I've tried a bunch of things, and nothing seems to be working. I'm afraid that it could be my video card????? And if so....I checked on the emachine site, and it says that I have a "shared video"....is that something that can be changed? I hope someone can help me...and please remember to speak EASY computer lingo...I know some, but not a ton about computers...thanks so much....
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