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  1. Oddly enough, our uploads are faster than the Comcast average, almost 400kBps.
  2. I have Comcast BBI in Santa Clara, CA. installed a few weeks ago; seemed slow. then the outage. Reset everything to get back online... Now we can get a maximum of 150kbps. (Yes, that's kilobits, not Bytes). But don't take my word for it, look up my comp id: 615898297572 We've replaced the coax, the Cat 5, tried with and without the router on our two mac OS X machines and two Win2k Machines, tried booting off a fresh install of each OS, switched out the new caqble modem for the one we were using before we moved (we were only a block away before) and still no change. Comcast started a trouble ticket, but of course nothing's been done in the past three days, because after several hours on the phone with them, they insist that my ping and traceroute times are low enough that "no problem is indicated". What next? They're coming over tomorrow to "take a look", but if they send the same boneheaded installer who initially came over to unbox the modem and plug it in (thanks for the "technician" install visit, Comcast!) I know he'll say everything is hunky-dory, the leave and charge us $45.00. What the hell? This isn't a matter of broadband optimization; we are getting less than 2% of the advertised speed, but latencies on the line are within the norms. Any ideas out there?
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