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  1. well i thought i found a cool lil forumm place but some of your are cool some of you are jack (bleeps)! this is what i (bleepin) get for being a chick that plays games tryin to get to know other people that play a game that im interested in >< (blip) that
  2. WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!! that is not me wtf dude! im getting pissed off with this shit!!!!! that is not me u better tell the damn truth im so mad><im like not wanting to visit anymore becuase of that dumb ass picture and lie><
  3. k im back^^ lol long day ! i really like this site its cool^^ you guys are some neat people^^ ty i got spybot^^
  4. yes this is also the only pc in my house. and can someone plase reccomend me so really good free spyware things i have ad-aware se and spyware doctore^^ any others i should get?
  5. OMG that is not good !!! im the only one that uses this computer !!!! omg!!!!! does that mean my browser is hi jacked or somtin? well im from Italy but my dad got stationed here in NM when i was 15 so now im attending college at UNM honestly i dont care if u dont think this is me i made this forumm to talk about fellow ffxi gamers....gosh....
  6. t know what u are saying someone can have my ip?
  7. k well i think i have a virus boys>< umm like as u all know i play ffxi and being an online game i think it requires ports? and i think i hvae a virus contained in this thing called ftpupd.exe i cant delete it in regular windows mode so i open up safe mode and quarantine it with norton then delete it...all is well for a while then it appears again in the system 32 folder..when it re- appears im not able to access ffxi and internet explorer>< someone please help me ^^
  8. well lol i was raised with a house of boys that all they did was play the old ff games and they were my brothers of course all of them a lil nerdy chess club and all that, but arent we all creatures of our environment? well i will look for more pictures i think i may have a few lyin around that was takin by my brother seth ^^ lol i didnt want to turn this into a " i dont belive this is really le shay" forumm lol but if i find some i will post them^^
  9. sorry hun i dont remember what page it i on u have to go to the server forums and go to kujata and my name should be in the k somewheres hun^^ oh and yes buster pwns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lol yup yup ^^ dont know if we are a dying breed....or a breed that hasnt hit mainstream yet>< either way i love ffxi^^
  11. Well hello everyone my name is Le Shay and am new to this cool website lol and yes i am female lol u can check my pic out at ffxiplayers.com i love this game and want to know how many people on this site play it!! please post your server/jobs/crafting lvls and name of linkshell only post this info if u want -kiriath -server-kujata -thief52/nin_rng45/nin -no crafting>,< -LS-Elvaan knights!!!!!!!
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