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  1. Hope I did that right. I'm paying my ISP for 3 Mbs. I pay 800 pesos per month. That's about 70 dollars. Its a buisness plan, which is suposed to be more stable than the domestic plans (home plans). I only have 3 weeks with thier service, but i noticed that they announced new domestic or home plans this week with up to 20 Mbs. This is ADSL service from Telmex, its like Ma Bell in Mexico, if it had never been broken up. The owner is Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world. I´m glad I´m getting more than what I paid for, but durring the day, today, I had some very slow speed test. 250-400 Kbs.
  2. I've posted 3 times in the new user forum, but only the original appears. I understand that I need 2 approved post before even this post will be posted, but who or when will they approve them or will they inform me if they a not approved. Thank you, Andres from Mexico.
  3. One other thing. When I used the smart test option on this site. the results were very poor download speeds. When I usted 100 M and other larger blocks of random data, I got much higer speed results. Any explanation or understanding you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you, Andres.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, Mark. I dont know if everyone can see my speed test results from this site. That would be good, so they could comment about it. But, they are extremly unstable. I've seen the same instability on other sites since I stared checking. Why would I have 250 o 400 kbs one moment and 3.4Mbs 5 minutes later. I guess it would help if you knew something about my system. I have a Cyber Cafe, but these results are from moments when I check and there are no customers in the Cyber. My server is an AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 Ghz. Mother board Gigabyte 880GM-USB3. With 4 GB RAM DDR 3 -
  5. I'm new here. Just wanted to say hi. I live en Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. I was checking my broad band and I found this site. I'm paying for 3 Mbs, but the portal of my 2wire modem shows that I have 6016 kbps. But I've never even goten close in speed test on the internet. But once I downloaded something from microsoft and the info box during the download said I was downloading at almost that speed. I hope I can say that? I read the rules. Well, that's it. Just wanted to introduce myself. Andres.
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