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  1. Ok folks Satellite providers have names that relate to their fleet. Signal strength is digital and will vary in relationship to the footprint and size of the dish. Hughes sells a .74 and most link-budgets call for .98 + , You also must consider the size (wattage) of the transmitter. For the most part if you want a system that performs near cable or dsl, you need a 1.2 Meter dish with a 2+ watt BUC. What your equipment needs to do is 'close the carrier' - hughes has small carriers because their transmitters (BUCs) are too small. Add in over-subscription rates t
  2. This is a typical problem. Upstream is a very precious to the ISP (WB). You what WB has done is tham old thing as DWay has done. They have over subscribed the bandwidth to a point that the upstream is not better than dialup. You were drawn in by the cheap price. The reason it was so cheap is they have lost about $800 or more on installing your equipment. This kills the businsess model because it forces them to make up their dollars with over subscription. A crowded stream kills the upload! As for as interference WB is KA band and your DSS is KU - that is not the issue. It's contenti
  3. I have a different satellite system - FAP. I don't have to worry about using it too much. I been up for 11 months and my speeds are as good today as the day I started. I get around 230kbps up and consistant 1.4mbps down. I downloaded a 220 meg file today during business hours - no big deal. The thing hear is dway, starband & WB all subsidize the price of the equipment lock you into a contract and than load up the streams so the make some money. Oh.. I forgot to mention I didn't sign a contract either. The installation was just perfect, I have five machines in my home/ hom
  4. I am a certified dway installer. Non the less I despise dway! They use terms like "up to" and "blazing fast". Truth being I gave up on selling dways last year because no matter what you do for the customer the service stinks. As for the 7000, I did a mobil install for Ground Control which their mobile can use a dway, and the stats still were terrible. 31kbps up! It was pointed to IA8 - it's not the the satellite it's the network. Everyone on this forum looks at upstreams and downstreams, but a the most critical factor is the CRI Contention Rate Index. It's all shared bandwidth: DSL, cabl
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