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    mikea reacted to mudmanc4 in So apple is worth more than microsoft and google combined.....   
    Pretty much just as microsoft does with much of there items.
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    mikea reacted to mudmanc4 in Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate D/L Speed Increasing   
    True that ! Many of us remember , or are still dealing with dial up. It was enough just to be online , in any way. As times went on , I remember people talking about getting higher speeds, then I wanted it myself , each time i was able to get an larger chunk of bandwidth , i was already accustomed to what I was able to use , and each time , I always want a little more.

    To sit and wait for a small file to FTP across the nation , makes me perform other actions instead of watching it upload , even if it's just a small 20 or 30 MB file, unheard of 20 years ago.
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