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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your reply and feedback CA3LE. The graph is indeed handy for those who prefer it. However, whether it loads is not an issue for me, I do not use it. I identify the browsers I am testing with different icons, then just view my historical results which is handy for me. Also my chosen icons stand out for me to see in "live results''. Maybe IE8 is giving me far better/faster TestMy speed results (IE8 runs the test like a rocket) due to the graph never having been displayed in my IE8 freeing up the browsers resources. However IE8 for general browsing does not "feel faster or feel as snappy" as Chrome and Firefox. My IE8 just makes all my TestMy speed test results seem unusually inflated compared to other browsers, SpeedTest.net, SpeakEasy.net, and my AT&T advertised 12Mbps (with a 'fine print variance' of 10Mbps - 13Mbps). TestMy on my IE8 shows test as high as 14Mbps, and always consistently around 13Mbps. I like and agree with your "ALWAYS bugs in programming" comment. I have just been curious not critical since I first started using TestMy, as to why IE8 is showing me speed results that are unusually higher than I have ever seen in 8 years, way higher. Rob
  2. The graph has never displayed on my IE8. It displays with Firefox, Crome, and Opera. This is off topic but may be related: I've tested TestMy speeds daily at different times of the day for a few weeks with IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. IE8 speeds are always much faster than Firefox, Chrome and Opera. TestMy speeds with Firefox, Chrome and Opera are alway the same or very close as Speedtest.net and Speakeasy.net. May be related?
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