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  1. Thanks for the reply, I ran a test but it does not show me the exact, physical location. The problem I have is that the teams that are using it tells us they are having connectivity problems at site A or site B. I need to be able to plot results onto a map to show where our cold spots are. We can then take a view on whether or not to install Wi-Fi in these locations. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi, I am responsible for finding a mobile solution at work and need to test connectivity in a measurable way at various locations. We work primarily in East London and Essex and will be using iPads. I was wondering if you could sense check my approach: 1. Download a mobile app onto an iPad to test connectivity (Speedtest.net as example) 2. Send the iPad with each team on a “typical day” and ask them to take random tests throughout the day on the device. 3. Analyse this information to check our connectivity at different locations Questions What will be the best app to
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