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    Larka got a reaction from CA3LE in Resuts Vs. Actual Download speeds?   
    ****EDIT EDIT EDIT I just used the TCP Optimizer and it totally helped! boosted my Connection Speed to over 18Mbs and my download to 2.3Mbps so this is a moot post now by i'm leaving it up for now. Thank you guys!!!! EDIT EDIT EDIT***

    So, quickly wanted to say hello and thank you guys for welcoming me here.

    Okay, so I just switched my ISP from Century Link to Cox and purchased their 15Mb package. The Wireless and Wired work (hence i'm using the forums) and currently in Wired Mode.
    Now, when I download something from the internet, such as a 90mb file from download.com, firefox tells me in the little download window that my speed is anywhere from 1Mbps to 2.2Mbps.
    (avg. 1.5-2)

    This site says my max is 1Mbps and avg is like 800Kbps.

    So, what gives? Also my connection speed is half what it should. Other sites range from 9Mbs to 21Mbs. but this say like 7Mbs.

    Oh, and any tips for increasing my wireless speeds (I'm a gamer and use Skype a lot) such as tweaks and stuff would be very helpful.

    Thank you guys in advance for any help. *phree c00ki3s*
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