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  1. LoL Is this what u do for fun man ??? You say one thing yet you provide you proof in what you say while I on the other hand have givin proof aginst what you say. I swear your type really make me Who's really the joke here ???? Go ahead budy have the last word i'm not into that game . And dont give me that bs about baitin you into a response because you have nothin better to do and you post either way it goes . Have a nice life . S1 , Im sry this turned into what it did and i will not be responding in this thread anymore . Better to stop here than to
  2. ahh here we go agin with this guy .. you really do just like to put out misinfomation dont you . i have never had any such conver sation at bbr . but since you're the man i invite you to give one link to somthing proving what you just said . edit: Nevermind ill do it for you. I have been active in 3 topics here are the url's http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,12046312 http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,11942869 http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,11922110 as you can see this guy is once agin talkin out his a**
  3. I am not assigned anything. There used to be cable service at this location, not any longer although the wire is still intact. Anyhow ill let the subject die here . It wasnt my intention to start a disagreement . It was asked how such speeds were achived and i explained. Uncapping is illeagal i know this and dont debate it . Although with the current system and the way this method of uncapping works it is very difficult to get caught especially in such a conjested area as this .
  4. you see that where you're wrong i can go approx 7 city blocks over (Detroit) and a tracert does show the exact same except for the destination ip . I have been running uncapped ...well uncapped isnt the word im capped but at 30mbit instead of 6mbit. So tell me what identification this modem has that they can track. I can change the cable Modem Mac & The Cable Modem serial # i was'nt only speakin of the nic mac. Changing the mac on the nic only gives you a new ip but once the modem mac is changed this is pretty much the same as pluging in a totally differnt modem as f
  5. so your saying the cmts picks up when i change the mac address on my pc?
  6. d10_walledgarden.cm This is the config that Comcast trys to send to the modem yet here i am online . I assure you this modem has never been registered on Comcasts network , I picked it up from ebay from a Cox user. As i stated before anyone can get online with an unregisterd modem just have to set static dns servers only problem is you get really low speeds until you change the config file.
  7. Im not trying to impress anyone . Just proving that you while you were tryin to flame cj sayin he was using some google *hit to alter his speed test , while all along you have know actual knowledge of the cable system and the way it works as for getting caught modems are registered by thier mac address this is how they are traced back to the owner . the firmware that is loaded allows you to change the mac address and serail # of the modem and snmp is also disabled. I could actully be using your mac address and you get busted for what im doing j/k Comcast does not requ
  8. Shows what you really know about how comcast works speed is not capped at comcast . It is capped at boot time by a config file that you modem requests from the comcast servers depending on what package you have Once you change the config you are free to download at whatever speed you want based on the config you changed to of course Need proof ?? Here is my config file that i use decrypted: NetworkAccess = Yes Start ClassOfService ClassID = 2 MaxRateDown = 33000000 MaxRateUp = 1500000 PriorityUp = 1 GuaranteedUp = 0 MaxBurstUp = 0 PrivacyEnable = Yes End
  9. HaHa ..cj's tests are real scores and from a topsite he can get much better speeds. How do i know this ??? Because he got the modem from me . I have A website for information but i wont spam this board with the link .Its probably not allowed . Anyhow he is my speed tests and i actually get much higher download speeds from my topsite ..average with 2 connections is 30 - 35 mbit . If you would like any further info email or pm me MSN -> [email protected] :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 11961 Kbps about 12 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 1460
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