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  1. Today I called DW support for the 22nd time in the last 30 days. My speed was down to 125kbps. They asked me to hold and said they were running some tests on their end. When they came back on line they had me power down the modem and restart. When we rechecked the speed it was over 900. They swear I wasn't FAPPED but I continue to have this problem about once a week if not more frequently. Somehow I think I'm being lied to by DW.
  2. I have been using the DW6000 for over a year now. During the last 30 days all service seems to have gone to the dogs. After 20+ calls to Support (Level 1 and in some cases Level 2) the speed has gotten worse instead of better. DW even sent the installer back out to recalibrate the dish. My speed has run from 125kbps up to a maximum of 903kbps just today. Something has happened in the last 30 days but nobody seems to want to tell me anything. Anybody out there experiencing similar problems?
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