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  1. thanks for your reply. I changed the channel to 11. And this is the only computer that have this issue, all the other laptops works with wpa2 secured network. This laptop is bought in 2006, I am sure it works with with any secured network, because it used to be able to connect to it. I am not sure if Vista lets you use vendor utilities.
  2. Hello everyone, This issue has been bothering me for awhile now. My wireless NIC, Intel Pro 3945 ABG, is able to scan networks and connect to them. It can maintain a stable connection when the network is unsecured. I can browse the internet for days without losing connection. However, the connection to a secured network, WEP/WPA/WPA2, will drop within the first 1~2 minutes of accessing the internet. I can reconnect almost immediately after the connection drop, but it would repeat itself within 1~2 minutes. It has been tested on both the drivers Toshiba provided and the latest Intel drivers, and I was able to reproduce the same results. Can an expert point me in the right direction? Forgot to mention, I am on Vista 32bit Enterprise. Thanks in advance.
  3. heh i been trying to call Cox, but they put me on hold for an hour... >:< i cant access then, i found this Toshiba Cable Modem PCX 2200/2500 Diagnostic Page: Set IP to Set Subnet to Set Gateway to Reboot and then point browser to somewhere on the net this on Cox's support page and this is what my led is doing Cable Slow Flashing | searching for cable connection | Verify all cable connections and try resetting the modem. If cable is OK and modem reset doesn't work, contact Customer Support | sometimes resetting doesnt work, and the connection will come back in random times. however, it has been stable for the past few days and hasnt died on me just yet
  4. hmm, now it is acting fine... i will call cox when i get time
  5. which is best availible cable modem out in the market?
  6. something wierd have been happening for these recent weeks, my cable connection from Cox has been going on and off when its happening, i rebooted the modem, it only detects my PC, and the internet LED blinks slowly aka no connection, if I leave it there for awhile it might come back in a few minutes, or it might come in few hours. my modem is a Toshiba PCX2200, and my ISP is Cox Comm. and i have the prefered option, with 5mb down and 2mb up. if anyone need a more detailed decription of the situation, just tell me. what should i do? i was suspecting Cox is doing something wierd in the neighborhood thanks in advanced
  7. on the Cox website it said its 5mb down and 2mb up for prefered, that what i have but my up speed never reach 2mb,
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