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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm currently a comcast high-speed subscriber (and DirecTV subscriber for last 10-years) and we are very happy with it. We signed up today for the 6mbps/768kbps $10 extra plan today. Having never used that fast of a connection, we're looking forward to it. Our neighborhood is going live with FIOS in a few months but, honestly, we're not interested in being a Verizon subscriber anymore. We enjoy having no phone line at all and our Vonage/Comcast/Wireless combo is way sufficient for us. However, for the sake of curiosity, are any of you who are currently satisfied with Comcast planning to jump ship? If so, why? Any other comments anyone? --MacLifer
  2. Aha! I see from your note below that it could take a few days to take effect... I wonder why. Technically speaking, do you have any idea? Or is it more a matter of a few switches needing to be flipped somewhere and until there is a non-lazy person to do it, it won't happen quickly (without a complaint)?? I had started that other thred today about the 6000/768 Comcast plan and just saw this. How long would you suggest that I wait until I should perhaps start complaining? I am quite anxious to see it happen (and it supposedly would have about 3 or 4 hours ago) and can't imagine what the jump from around 2.7-3.5 will feel like being closer to 5-6mbps!! I will have to have you give me some suggestions for sites that i'll be able to really enjoy my pumped up connection with. -- MacLifer
  3. How will I *know* that the plan is really and truly in effect? I just got back from a picnic thing and tried it here with 2.7Mbps as the speed. I wonder if it will be a matter of time before I really see it happening? Any advice? Honestly, $10/month more is a bit of a stretch for us at times (please everyone, try not to laugh!) to justify for the supposed increase. I can't figure out why now, hours later, there's still no difference. javascript:void(0); I am thrilled to be here at testmy.net - this place is cool! Especially for someone who's mostly normal but definitely tech geeky and wants to see speeds, pings and all that fun stuff. Heh heh. I love on my Mac the plethora of tests that come built in as well as the whois inquiry, ping tests and a bunch of other fun goodies. I'll have to avail myself of them this evening. We are now at an equal one Mac with OS X Tiger for each of the 4 of us so there won't be any more "I need to get on the Mac!!" kid arguments. Gotta love 'em.... ----- Yes, i've been online for at least 24-years. I remember when I had the ONLY modem around and nobody had a *clue* what "online" meant or what an internet was. That was great. I cannot begin to tell you how funny it is for me to remember my father saying, "NOBODY would want to chat by typing when they can just make a phone call!" or "it's just a fad and won't be around too long," etc. HILARIOUS!!! And my Dad is a brilliant man (engineer/scientist) so that makes it that much funnier. My first provider was a "free" Compu$erve account back when it was strictly a numeric address. Also had Prodigy when it was brand new. Same with Applelink at one point and of course AOhelL at a free different times. It's great seeing how much has changed over the years. Certainly keeps me young on the tech side at least! Edit: Inserted qoute code.
  4. My area has had all the FIOS underground service installed about 2-months ago and they're now testing. From what I understand, FIOS willl be full up and running at some point this summer. I live in Maryland, suburban Wash DC area. I just signed up for Comcast's speed boost to 6 down / 768 up and am awaiting it actually happening today (they told me one hour, but I think it's going to either take longer or that I won't get true results on a Sunday afternoon with all the cableheads probably gaming or getting on bittorrent to check it out since itts getting so much fed press lately. Oh well. Patience. <sigh> I believe that Comcast is going to keep ramping up as FIOS gets closer and am certainly thinking THAT is cool. We'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Hi Everyone, Has anyone taken up Comcast on their new offer of $10 per month (no contract still) to increase to 6mbps download (from the low-mid 3's that we now get)? I signed up this afternoon and they said it'd take about an hour to take effect. So far, i'm still hitting in the 3's and and now low 4's, but I guess that a Sunday afternoon might not be a good time to test because of people possibly gaming, etc. and bogging it down a bit? We've always been very happy with our Comcast, however, and to only pony up $10/month additional for what would be, for us, nearly a 100% boost (since we normally only get around 3) seems worthwhile. I sure do hope i'll see and notice the difference soon. Oh, hey, to give you all some perspective... I have been online for 24-years and began with a "kick ass" 300bps modem... WOW, man, times sure do change. Ha ha. I have been online more or less continuously since I was 12 - now almost 37. Awesome site!
  6. We have had perfect success with our Vonage connection. We have had Comcast for almost 3-years for 'net and are using it with multiple Macs via airport. Our phones have been flawless and in fact better connection than a true phone line -- which we have since cancelled and would never consider again. MacLifer
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