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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Matt, Thanks for visiting. Have you tried the speed test server in Singapore? I know that's still a little ways away but I've seen people in AU pulling decent speeds from there. I'm sure I'll have a server there soon. It's only been a few months since I released the program to anyone who has a server and servers are already popping up all over the place. If you have a webserver in AU or know of someone who does you can easily setup a mirror of your own. You can have it privately for your own use or share it with others. It will work great even with a simple VPS server. Just go to https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test -- contact me after you've started the process and you can have your own server running in no time. If you decide to do that it will be at least a week before I can finish the setup on my end, I'm leaving for Monument Colorado in the morning to take some much needed time off. I appreciate the support. If you like what I've built, my labor of love, please spread the word. TestMy.net is word-of-mouth and I rely on my visitors to keep it going. Kind Regards & Happy Testing! - Damon Mueller - TestMy.net Hi again Matt, Thanks for the congratulations. I also forgot to say your welcome in my previous email. I've been building my site since I was 16 years old... I'm 31 now. It means a lot to me when people give me positive feedback. Makes the countless nights of programming worth it when I know it's helping people. Feedback keeps me pushing to build a better, more powerful system. 50-100 /megabit, geeze! Bandwidth is definitely expensive in Australia. South Africa is another place that's really expensive. A dedicated box isn't necessary though. Of course it would be better but to tell you the truth even my own mirrors are single core VPS with only 1GB RAM. (my home server however is a very powerful dual hex core xeon, 24 processing threads, 16GB RAM and RAID 5 SSD... but that server has a TON of database work it does constantly and it also handles a large majority of the testing). I've developed the program to require minimal resources. My main server does most of the heavy lifting and what resides on your server is a lightweight controller. My mirrors average 0.00 load despite heavy use... it's so stable that I've had servers with indefinite up times. Most of my servers I have on right now have never been rebooted because all they run is my program.. it's super stable and doesn't require much to do the job right. The most important factor is the uplink. 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps uplink is recommended. Hopefully linking into a provider with at least 1x10G. Also, if you have an option to do so... pick the fastest hard drive solution available. If you have SAS available, go with that. As for the amount of space, it's minimal, 25GB SAS is what I have on my own VPS mirrors. Hard drive performance can impact the results at REALLY high speeds, so heads up. It would be really cool to have an Aussie server available for my users. The amount of bandwidth drawn depends on how many people like the server. Over time as more people realize that there is an AU server you'd get more and more traffic to it. Most people will still use my servers however so I wouldn't expect more than 1-10GB/day of transfer. If bandwidth is an issue the mirror can be made private, a cap can be set or you can turn it off on your end or by emailing me any time. So far, everyone who's had concerns about that hasn't had an issue. Hosting a mirror can help drive traffic to your site too. Especially once I pull the program out of beta and make it more known that the mirrors exist Bandwidth will go up a little once I make them more known too... but so will your link exposure. On the results page and test page there is a link to your site and clicks from that could result in conversions for your business. It will at the very least drive a little traffic. By the way, this is completely free to you and your visitors... just like everything I offer. In the future you'll also be able to co-brand it with your logo, modify the layout to resemble your site and call upon the program within your site. I've barely scratched the surface of my plans with that branch of my site. What I have released right now is just a proof of concept and starting point for a much larger concept. I hope you stick around and watch it develop over time. Let me know when you're ready. And don't you worry, I'll have a great break! Feel free to email me even though I'm away... I can still help you and answer any questions. I'll probably have some downtime while I'm there and it only takes me a few minutes to set that up for you once you're got your end finished. It will only have to wait if you're having issues setting it up. Cheers, - Damon P.S. By the way, have you tried the multithread speed test I offer? I was just looking over some speeds in AU and saw some people with some really good scores using that method. When you use the multithread test it pulls the information from all of my US servers simultaneously .. so the resulting score is very comprehensive. You might want to try that. Turn this feature on and off by visiting >> https://testmy.net/multithread ... I just created this a couple weeks ago so it's not well known yet. TestMy.net is the only speed test that's able to test from multiple locales at the same time. In the near future I'll expand this to all my mirrors (done) and give users the option to test from their own selection of servers. You'll be able to test pulling data from all of my servers world-wide at the same time if you want to... giving you a resulting score that represents your Internet speed across the globe. Pretty cool huh? Personally, when I turn on multithread I'm able to pull up to 30Mbps of extra speed, due to the fact that my provider to at my home is limiting single thread transactions. Lots of ISPs are doing that. Another thing that TMN is able to pick up on that other speed tests don't notice. The classic method is also able to passively detect more issues that can slow you down. So it's not a replacement to my normal test... it's just a different way to render the data. Thought I'd let you know about that, - Damon Australia Speed Test
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