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Slowww... Upload speeds


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Hello everyone,  Nice to be here and hope i can get a lil help. Just got a Dway 7000 middle of Dec. Worked Great for couple of weeks. 800 to 1000 downloads and 140 to 160 uploads. No changes in My System at all. Then all went to  H E LL ..... 300 down max  and IF ,,, IF  i can get a upload speed to complete, without submitting (just runs and runs and runs) it is 6-9 kbps... ??? Does not matter on times of day 6 am 5 pm 1 am always the same.  Have talked w/Dway 4-5 times, all the checks and Double checks with them show all is ok.  Techies are baffled. Agree tho that there is a Problem. Waitting on an Engineer to contact me NOW...??  Oh Boy (fingers crossed) Have read some of the info here and applied some tips, (tweaks) have got my Downloads back to 800 -1000. Still only 6-9 on up though ??  dont know what info anyone needs to help me. Please let me know if you might be able to help and ask anything you like of me.  Have just one computer hooked up modem to computer no network  256 2/3  89 west and 1150 MHz.  Hope to hear back from you experts on this. Thank you for your time,  Rick

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Call them everyday if possible to complain.....us sat users pay premium price, repairs in a case as this may go on for sometime!  Get things moving with links below if they wont get you up to speed. Depending which plan your on Home account should be 700/125 .....pro account should be 1000/200 some slow down during peak hours, not 200/9  or 1000/9. They do a decent job of advertising, its the providing where the problem begins.



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