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Adelphia's Internet Security Freedom Software


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I'd like some feedback from all those who are using Adelphia's Internet Security Freedom software.  As all good little Adelphia HSI users know, this free software supposedly provides virus protection, spyware protection, pop-up blocking, a firewall, and other stuff.

I'm currently using Norton SystemWorks and Spybot, which seem to be providing adequate virus and spyware protection.  Pop-up blocking is done by Internet Explorer.  Some kind of firewall protection is provided by SystemWorks in a way I've never taken the time to understand.

My Norton subscription is due to expire in a couple months.  So, I'm thinking about using Adelphia's Freedom software to replace Internet Explorer's pop-up blocking, Spybot, and protective elements of SystemWorks.  Is this a good idea?

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Alright here is what I found.. From what it sounds like.. the suite is pretty decent.. I have read a few other forums that have said you need to make sure that the windows fire wall is off otherwise the program will begin taking 99% of your cpu cycles.

this is the original press release..

Press Releases



- Firewall, Anti-Virus and Pop-Up Blocker Services To Be Offered On A Single Platform; New services latest in list of improvements for Adelphia HSI customers -

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. and MONTREAL, Que. - August 24, 2004 - Adelphia Communications and Zero-Knowledge Systems (ZKS) today announced an agreement whereby Adelphia will provide value-added security services from Zero- Knowledge to its broadband High-Speed Internet (HSI) users. Effective immediately, all Adelphia HSI customers can protect their computers at no additional cost with state-of-the-art Firewall, Anti-Virus and Pop-up Blocker services delivered via the ZKS Synbridge services platform. In addition, Adelphia is adding Parental Control and Anti-Spyware to its Premier HSI service.

"We recognize that online security has become a paramount concern for Internet users," said Karl Ossentjuk, Vice President of Internet services product management at Adelphia. "We have increased the value of our HSI service by offering the ZKS suite of Firewall, Anti-Virus and Pop-up Blocker services to all of our HSI customers free of charge. We partnered with ZKS because Synbridge is an easy-to-use, reliable and fully-featured package of services that should enable our customers to improve their high-speed Internet experience."

"Adelphia clearly understands the importance of ensuring a safe and secure Internet experience for its customers today, via a platform that can readily support the new Internet services of tomorrow," said Hamnett Hill, President and CEO of ZKS. "Synbridge enables ISPs to serve their subscribers better while reducing churn and cutting customer support costs in the process. Adding value to their customers and creating a better Internet experience allows ISPs to differentiate their service offerings. Adelphia understands that very well, and selected ZKS to help it achieve those goals."

The ZKS Synbridge platform enables ISPs to offer their customers a full suite of private-labeled, value-added services, including: Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Parental Control, Pop-Up and Ad Blocker, and Privacy Manager. Synbridge's service-oriented design also makes it easy for ISPs to deliver any combination of services alongside their existing offerings, while integrating seamlessly with existing business processes and infrastructure. ZKS is helping industry-leading ISPs generate new revenue and significantly lower the costs of supporting customers and bringing new services to market.

The new security services are the latest in a series of recent improvements Adelphia has made to increase its efficiency and add value, choice and convenience for Internet users, according to Matt Bell, Director of HSI strategy and applications. "Our web-based troubleshooting and network management tool gives system engineers and customer service agents access to the same real-time network information and history, allowing them to quickly identify the source of customer problems, while proactively monitoring network equipment for preventive maintenance," Bell said.

"On the customer side, Adelphia's CD-Less install prompts the customer to add simple information while it seamlessly provisions the cable modem and creates a personal email address. This convenient software saves customer install information for future use if the customer calls in for help. Adelphia also offers customers a 'Live Assist' option: live online chat with an Adelphia technical support agent."

Adelphia HSI standard features now include: download speeds of up to 3 Mbps; upload speeds of up to 256 Kbps; Anti-virus, Firewall, Pop-Up blocker and other security features; up to 7 email accounts with 70 Mb of storage space; free online and telephone technical support; free personal web space and easy, flexible and affordable installation options.

Product home page: http://zeroknowledge.com/en/solutions/security.php

I believe that Adelphia just renamed it and sent it out..

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