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I need help ith port forwarding!!!

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I run my own server at home and when its not hooked up through my router it works fine but when the router is hooked up its says admin has blocked this site!!! I have treid dmz zone and setting up port forwarding but nothing please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yet another router headache they forgot to mention in the user's guides......

Appears to me that one of two firewall settings (assuming your router has these options) may need tweaking:

1- URL filtering feature is enabled ( lets you block access to Web sites based on text strings )--Disable it.

2- LAN and/or WAN filtering is enabled, ( allows or blocks traffic flowing in or out of the router by source address, protocol type, and port number )--Also Disable if present.

Regarding the DMZ issue:

This is a common bug in many router models i've seen. Make sure you have the latest software/firmware for your box & remember to put your internal ip into the DMZ settings.

anyone got any Tylenol?

-JxL :wink:

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