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How Can I Split My bandwith through my router


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hi guys plz i am stuck i need help

i am sharing an internet connection with two other guys through the wireless

Siemens Speedstreem 6520 Router although i am connected thrrough the lan port

but still i cant recieve enought speed from my 1mb connection and thats bcz one of my friend is taking the whole bandwidth through his peer to peer and torrent programs

is there anyway to configure the router to limit the speed for each ip or even distribute it equally  :roll:O

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I looked into your "problem".. It doesnt look like this modem/router combo offers any type of traffic shaping or QoS.  You could try denying the port that the program runs on.. but then you are going to have a pissed roommate. 

I will continue to look into this.. but I doubt there is going to be anything that you are going to be able to do.

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thanx man for ur advice i was trying to find a way to do this

after some long time of search i reach no where and then i realized that the program uses a big range of ports so i will be closing many ports

anyway maybe this will be my last chance  i will try it out

if i could find how to connect to the  router and do this

thx for ur advice anyway

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