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Cannot ping router from inside LAN


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All computers but one can get to router and internet.  I tried:

power cycling router

restarting computer

resetting winsock

reinstalling TCP/IP....

I cannot ping

I ran netdiag /test:winsock and got similar results on both problem machine and another pc

I have verified that I can plug ethernet cable into another pc and connect with that pc.

I'm wondering if my network adapter is fried?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure that the DHCP client is set so that you are release enough addresses.. and that you dont have MAC filtering on

BTW welcome to the forum!

Post the specs of the computer that is having issues.  interested in the network card and driver version

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Thanks.  I actually narrowed it down to a fried network adapter through process of elimination via the following steps:

I tried to ping the router/gateway and Destination was unreachable.

I power cycled the router and pc....no go.

I verified the ethernet connection was good by plugging cable into different pc.

I reinstalled network card driver...no go.

I reset winsock...no go.

I ran netdiag /test:winsock and got similar results on functioning and malfunctioning machines.

I reinstalled TCP/IP and verified settings..no go.....finally...

I went to the store and paid ten dollars for a new network adapter, installed it, and problem was solved.  Not sure if I could have deduced this was the case more quickly...but all is working now.  Thanks again

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Oh..it was an Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection.  Originally, I uninstalled the driver and simply rebooted the machine, letting XP find and install driver.  I also went to Sony Vaio and downloaded and installed the driver that was originally installed on my machine...I bought a generic US Robotics adapter from Best Buy...specs are at the office....

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