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Linksys WAP54G (Access Point) question. desperate for help!

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I hope this is the right sub-forum to post this in. i tried linsysinfo.org but no one has said anything and its been a few days. i am in need of help in regards to this.

i just bought a wap54g access point and i am having an issue with it functioning as a ap client. when i do a site survey it wont show any sites. sometimes it'll show one or two or none at all.

i am currently stationed in baghdad iraq and we get our internet wirelessly. people here use access points as ap clients to get their signal.

i have a dlink 2100ap that went dead.

i also happen to have a dlink 900ap+

both dlink access points will do a site survey and list the available sites while the linksys ap will not.

i get the feeling the linksys device is being picky and is only showing what it likes.

how can i make my new wap54g show the internet provider just like the dlink? i am trying to get rid of the dlink ap since its borrowed.

i noticed the current firmware on it is 3.05

by the way this is the european version since the box has all the european flags.

please help! very urgent.

by the way i am using this antenna with the ap: http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2424g.php

2.4 GHz 24 dBi High Performance Reflector Grid Wireless LAN Antenna

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