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This is a pain


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ok i upgrade my dsl to the pro package 3.0 down 515 up

i was running a speed stream 4100. after i upgrade to the pro package the modem was no longer in sync to the sbc home office. so i called and told them i can' get online. So now i have to wait for a tech to call me back. So he called me back an told me my modem went out. The good thing about this was it was still under warranty with my modem. they said they would send out a tech to look at it the next day. So i said ok no dsl of a day thats not bad i can wait. the tech comes out and looks at the modem works find but it can't connect at all. So he bring a brand new modem same model, nothing still won't sync. then he comes back with a 2 wire modem hooks it up nothing. so he does a line test for the outside box. Well things are coming back good. He said the line looks fine and there should be know reason why you should not connect. so he told me maybe the line that runs from the box in to my house can handle the speeds. so he runs cat 5 cable from the box in to my house. things are looking better after he did that my 2 wire modem sync up to the home office. i did a speed test from my computer. i was getting 2.8 down and 498 up not bad. then he did a line test again the he said if you every want to upgrade to the expert package your line will be ok to handle it. <<thats it of that story

before he left he told me don't get the expert package because at&t are going to com out with another one call the advance package. he did not tell me what the speeds are going to be. but the dsl packages are going to get cheaper. thats my story. on another note i love my new modem 4 port router and wireless builtin. :)

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OK you should check what ur max bandwidth is on your modem. like can it take in over 1.5mbps? maybe that is your problem unless it automatically downgrades your pro to express. well cehakc that out

cus my SpeedStream 5100 max intake is 1.5mbps and download is ?

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