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Smoothwall 2.0 on a Nokia IP330


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Smoothwall on a Nokia IP330


Since I am on a Linux craze right now I have added one more piece of Linux based hardware to my network.  Many people have been running Smoothwall for quite some time now.  What I have been able to do is get, with the help of a some what out-dated guide (http://wixxerd.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11), was install Smoothwall 2.0 express onto a piece of unsupported, cheap, and production class equipment. 

Disclaimer: testmy.net and its mods are not responsible for any damage to hardware, software, systems, or bodily harm if you decided to attempt this.  I strongly recommend that you attempt this only if you are confident in your computer skills and have some time to troubleshoot. 

Background:  What is the Nokia IP330?

The Nokia IP330 was originally released in 1998-1999 and was about $5,000 US when they were originally released.  Since then hardware and software for hardware firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) have improved greatly.  As companies often grow equipment is replaced and you can normally get this off-lease or refurbished equipment on sites such as Ebay.com for fairly cheap.  I was able to get my hardware for $63.00 shipped.  This included an AMD K6-2 400MHz CPU, 256mb of SDRAM, and a 2 GB hard drive.  What this piece of hardware is, basically, is a computer packed into a 1u rack mount case. 

The hardware is the foundation on which the software will run.  As of right now I know of a few different configuration of this hardware.  I was one of the fortunate ones who got a 400 MHz processor.  Most of them, that I see now, are 266 MHz or 300 MHz.  The other thing that is important is the amount of ram.  The hardware supports up to 512mb of ram.  From what I can tell it takes just standard PC100/133 SDRAM.  As far as the hard drive goes, I am pretty sure you can use what ever size you need.  The smaller the hard drive the more often you are going to need to clear out the logs so that you don

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