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RCN Launches 20 Mbps Cable Modem Service

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RCN launched its new MegaModem Mach 20 service in Falls Church, Virginia, and Woburn, Massachusetts, delivering downstream data at up to 20 Mbps an up to 2 Mbps upstream to residential subscribers.

RCN's subscribers can receive its Unlimited Local Phone with calling features, Full Basic Cable TV and 20 Megabits per second service bundle for $129.99.

"While Verizon's new FIOS service may have a higher data speed, you pay more but get less," explained Tim Dunne, RCN Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "The differentiator is that MegaModem Mach 20 comes bundled with our outstanding Cable TV programming and high-quality telephone service and is priced below what Verizon charges only for its high-speed data service."

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That sounds like a great deal to me' thats about what i pay for my bundle but with only 6MB.

Yup....now if we can only get sites that can actually deliver content at that speed it will be great.  That's whats so laughable about FIOS....so....you have up to 30Mbps down.....but the AVERAGE website cannot deliver content to your for anything close to half that speed......

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I ha

I would be happy with 15 MB but the most around my area is 6.0 MB

I have 15/2 and yes, it's nice...but it would awesome if I could actually realize the true benefits of it.....the RIAA has taken the fun out of P2P

and no way would I venture doing so at 15/2.....lots of damage could result....

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