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Connection Problem


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Alright i have a problem with my modem

the only way i can run it is in auto-detect that gives me 10 mbp/s full

too slow for me, i use to run it in 100 mbp/s full all the time

i just recently took off my router, and it hasnt worked since then

i've uninstalled the drive twice and let it reistall itself,

how do i make my modem run in 100 mbp/s full ?

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PC Interface: 10BASE-T support

Cable Interface: F type female 75W

USB Interface: Connector Type B

Just about none of the cable/dsl modems have a 10/100 port..  Another way to limit the overall speed..  The reason that you could see the router to 10/100 full was because it was defaulting back down to 10..

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