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Need Help, uh oh


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alrighty guys, some have seen me talkin bout my psu and stuff

not sure if this is related  but....

so i get back to my computer after school, and i see a ton of those lil nvidia errors talking bout not enough power and stuff (you know what im talking bout, how it reduces power) and i hold enter for a long time to get rid of them, then open up firefox, freezes out and have to hold power button to turn off, try and turn it on and first did nothing after the bios and stuff, turned it off by the power button, then i turn it back on and it works

i notice comp not as fast as normal, gettting those nvidia erros, when i type and move the mouse, comp will randomly stop, like atm while im typing

for the first time i got the error, delayed write failed

Is this stuff psu related? do dell 4600's come with a standard 250psu? should i replace mine, and would it fix these problems if i do? thanks guys in advance

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i am running alot more stuff on it than i should, i do know that for a standard built in psu, I'm running way to much stuff, for like 2+ years

i wanna see what others think, i shouldn't of said  i think its blah blah, cause now everyone might think the same thing and overlook anything else


opinions  are highly appreciated

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Do you maybey have an internal graphics card?? That could be an issue. Myself I would say download the latest greatest nividia drivers. Install them then reboot!!  Personally when it comes to computers i suggest building your own. Get yourself a "barebones" set up then add harddrives, ram, graphics card, Maybey a floppy drive. Pretty much whatever you want. I think by going with a barebones set up and then putting what you want inside you can get yourself a computer that will last a very long long time. As well if something goes wrong with the cpu or powersupply or motherboard its there problem Not yours. I built my first and got it from


Mabey do a reset to default on your bios? If you are not sure how to do that just ask

  Short personal note. See dlewis I got it. Thank you again! dlewis just got done teaching me how to turn a single word into a link to a website.

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